HCG-F3 Faucet Combo

OEC3000 NC


Disc Faucet and Bath Mixing Faucet

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Basin Faucet LF3000PX NC wash basin mixing faucet
Bath Faucet BF3000PX NC bath mixing faucet with hand shower
Basin Faucet LF3000PX NC wash basin mixing faucet


Weight 12 kg
HCG Sense Of Water Technology

The difference water outflow options bring you a varied sense of rejuvenating freshness.

HCG Temperature Control Technology

With the wide angle control, thermostat is more accurate, and effectively prevents the water from being too hot or too cold for an exquisite bathroom experience.

HCG User-Friendly Design

HCG faucets come with designs easily understood for its functionality. These also come with gentle switches for different functions for the ease use.


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