HCG-Bryan Faucet Combo

OEC1401 NC


Basin Mixing Faucet and Bath Mixing Faucet


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Basin Faucet LF1401PX NC wash basin mixing faucet
Bath Faucet BF1401PAX NC bath mixing faucet with hand shower
Basin Faucet LF1401PX NC wash basin mixing faucet
Weight 12 kg
Shining Plating Technology

This is an advance technology that allows the faucets to have a smooth, mirror effect. Its sheen will last longer, and this plating offers extra protection by making the faucet chemical and dirt-resistant

HCG Valve Plug Technology

HCG's faucet handle with an excellent valve plug technology feels smooth and flexible. It also has a reliable service life up to 500,000 times.

HCG Temperature Control Technology

With the wide angle control, thermostat is more accurate, and effectively prevents the water from being too much or too cold for an exquisite bathroom experience.

HCG Official Site

Bryan LF1401PX- http://hcg.com.ph/?p=1313
Bryan BF1401PX- http://hcg.com.ph/?p=429


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