Lenus Anti-virus Guard

Integrating health security and individual safety is not impossible through LENUS. Packed with useful functions in an elegant design, this integrated anti-virus guard allows seamless security and health checks with minimized contact. LENUS is also space, and manpower efficient.

Lenus AI anti-virus instrument

It is a significant tool in restricting entry points of establishments for various purposes, and fitting the modern, new normal living for every day.

Thermal scanner specifications:

  • Can scan temperature with a distance of less than 1 meter.

  • With a default normal body temperature setting of 35.5 °C to 37.5 °C.

  • Notifies if user has normal temperature, and prompts if temperature is above normal.

Body temperature check
Face mask check

Facial Recognition specifications:

  • Facial recognition with or without face mask.

  • Voice prompt is customizable (ex: “Welcome”, “Please enter” etc.)

  • Can recognize within 1 meter distance.

  • Can recognize with a speed of 200-300 ms (with 30,000 individual profiles; detection speed will vary depending on the number of stored profiles).

Alcohol dispenser specifications:

  • Can dispense within 6 cm sensing distance.

  • Dispenses 0.5 to 1 CC of alcohol (spray type).

  • Can hold up to 1,000 CC of alcohol (up to 2,000 dispenses before refilling).

  • Material: PC front panel with ABS body.

Lenus Alcohol dispenser

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