Featoilet Series

She Captivates Beauty, Hygienic Lifestyle, and Gentle Care for you.

HCG SPA Toilet - Featoilet
HCG SPA Toilet – Featoilet

Taking inspiration from the fine lines and curves of minimalist design, the Featoilet boasts an elegantly feathered silhouette fitting perfectly in any modern home. It matches style with substance through its enhanced features to deliver: Hygienic Lifestyle, Spa-like Bathing and a Captivating Design that provides unraveled relaxation in a home’s personal space.

This toilet can help you take better care of yourself.

by Realliving Magazine

A technological design gem innovated for a spa-like bathing, lets you indulge in a thoughtful sensation. It has beautiful form and offers hygienic bath. Feel the glow that radiates from within.

It has two separate anti-bacterial nozzles – a gently therapeutic front bidet and an even more powerful rear bidet – bringing the highest levels of personal hygiene. It boasts of warm water too, that is heated continuously for a spa-like indulgence you deserve.


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