Make it Marsh!

5 highlights why you need these faucets!

The faucet is one of the most hardworking parts of your house. Think about how many times you use it, and how inconvenient life is when it is not working. Hassle, right? That is why we should always choose a faucet that has competent features and striking designs.

” Perfect Your Home Needs! “

1. Safe to use with its Low-Lead Technology.

Low-lead meaning there are no harmful chemicals that could harm you and your loved ones.

HCG Marsh Faucet
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2. A soothing bath experience with its Mute Technology.

Imagine having a bathroom that flows to the rhythm of your own thoughts. Because of its Mute Technology, water just flows quietly. No noise, just pure pleasure, and peace.

3. Hygienic wash, thanks to its longer spout. 

It’s annoying sometimes to have your clothes soak in water after washing your hands, right? With Freya’s spout, which is longer compared to others, you can be assured that you won’t get wet with every use.

HCG Freya Faucet
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4. Durable Brass body with chrome-finish 

Aside from Freya’s beautiful form and excellent function, it is also hard-wearing because it is made of brass. Plus, its chrome finish protects it from corrosion.

5. Mirror effect Smooth Technology

The plating shows a smooth mirror effect and long time shine; it also makes the faucet dirt and acid resistant to ensure longer.

See more about Enoch series here.

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