MAY the Cloud be with you!

Make your home vibrant just like her.

In time for the celebration with one of the best women in our lives, you may want to consider giving a gift that will beautify and make your home more vibrant just like her. Consider something unusual in a good way, like wash basins which are sometimes not prioritized but serves important purposes in the household.

“A contemporary addition to the bathroom!”

Cloud series

To help you decide on your next gift to your mom, or just another purchase of a fixture to complete your dream home, the newly launched Cloud Series of HCG Philippines can be your option to satisfy your senses. Why should you choose Cloud?

Cloud L3721 vessel type lavatory

•  Cloud is contemporary.

Cloud comes in three shapes with very slim rims. It is available in round, square, and rectangular forms. It is HCG’s wash basin with the thinnest rim at 8mm only. The modern, minimalist design of the series makes it a stand out piece in the bathroom. We are used to big, bulky wash basins at home, but Cloud set the trend with it thin edges, as if it is light as the clouds. It is also strategically designed to prevent splash backs despite the thin rim that surrounds the basin.

Cloud L3711 lavatory

•  Cloud is a conversation starter.

Cloud creates elevated illusion, like how we see clouds in the sky. Its distinct appearance will ignite curiosity to your guests, while making sure their stay at your home becomes more meaningful by feasting their eyes.

Cloud L3721 vessel type lavatory

•  Cloud comes in a combo with savings.

As URBANEST launches this new series, we offer 20% off on Cloud Basin Combo (Cloud wash basin + F5 faucets) for the month of May,2019. Modernize your home without breaking the bank with the savings you’ll get once you purchase. Click here for product pages.


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