Contemplating on Toilets? This may help!

– By Linda

Building a home includes planning which area is which, what furniture to buy, and what other things to consider. At one point in time, I asked myself a lot of questions like, “Will this look okay in this room?”, “How many styles can I consider?”, or “How do I know if what I’m selecting is right?”

Most families don’t have the luxury of having someone plan a house for you. Aside from being expensive, time is also consumed in detailed planning of the house. At times, the bathroom is one of the “less planned” rooms in the house. Most would just think of it as, “It should just have a faucet, wash basin, and a toilet set, and then that’s it”, or, “Oh, we forgot to plan the bathroom, but it will be easy, just buy the whole set and everything will be okay already”. And these statements might turn out wrong once you started to see how hard it is to choose for the bath.

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Huge part of the bathroom selecting process is the toilet set. It defines the room as a whole, as well as directs the space that will be left once the toilet is all set up. There are different types of toilet or water closets that every household must know to accurately consider which one to buy. To run down the basic and common types of toilets, included are short descriptions of each:

One-piece toilet
One-piece toilet



1. One Piece Water Closet
One Piece water closets are usually compact and easy to clean. The water tank is connected to the bowl that is why it is much easier to install and clean, as there is no crevice that allows bacteria to set in.



Two Piece Toilet
Two Piece Toilet

2.Two Piece Toilet

This durable and also compact type of toilet stores more water and is probably the traditional toilet set you will see in most homes. If the toilet seems to not function well, you can also easily replace the parts of it.




Concealed Cistern
Concealed Cistern

3.Concealed Cistern Toilets

These appear to not have any tank in it, but it’s just really in the installation. For those seeking aesthetics and practical space saving design, concealed cistern toilets can be considered best. Most hotels also have this type of toilet, and using this in the home can also give the feeling of having a little luxury.



Smart Toilet
Smart Toilet

4.Smart Toilet

Personally, this is my choice of toilet. From easy maintenance and controls, smart toilets are the new generation toilet that fits the modern home. It might be a little weird to use this at first but when you get used to it, you’ll find it easy and convenient for everyday. This type is also handicap and elderly friendly, and those who need special care can easily rely on this type of water closet.


Function and design is important in choosing the type of toilet you’ll have. Consider these types and think about the space you’ll need as some are compact, and some need spacious sites. With these, next time you don’t have to ask yourself a lot of questions as you already know the answers, especially when it comes to the toilet.


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